Belmonte Calabro

Belmonte Calabro Old TownThe old town of Belmonte Calabro is a small architectural jewel set on the back of a rocky hill, like a back of a donkey, and has the shape of a ship with the bow facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. Built around the castle, the ancient houses, largely remained unchanged over time, and the tortuous and narrow stepped alleys, built between them, make this historic center an authentic witness, silent and eloquent at the same time of past centuries.

If the small historical center seems to suggest a small village, the reality is completely different. The center is only halfway between the sea and the mountains; the land of Belmonte, in fact, extends above all on the surrounding hills making it very heterogeneous. Between steep valleys, pine forests and streams are scattered a dozen districts, some remained intact as before.
During the XIX century each district had its own economic and productive characteristics, becoming small towns whose number of inhabitants was far superior to that of today and connected to each other by an extensive network of paths.
Calabria Bike Resort does nothing more than refurbish this ancient network of connections; exploring these areas by mountain bike will be an exciting and unforgettable experience for everyone. We will offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the pristine nature in the morning, sunbathe on the beach in the afternoon and enjoy one of the best Italian cuisine in the evening. All in the same day, using only your bike to move around.
Where is another one place like this?