Our hotel partners

Mtb means sport and adventure but also relax and have a great day all time. Take a look at these proposals, you can find all kind of MTB holiday you want. We have listed our partners according to the type of holiday you would like most. Close to the sea, in the city, on the trails. And remember: if you choose one of these structures trough Calabria Bike Resort website the MTB shuttle will be waiting for you in the morning directly there.

Close to the sea

is perfect to maximize your relax, not far from the city: calm, romantic, to feel a real marine experience.


Can you imagine to sleep listening the sound of the sea? Here it’s possible.



In The City

Do you need something more the MTB day? Here you get the night. Amantea is the center of the lifenight in the resort area.

Hotel Mediterraneo


All comfort you need. A stone’s throw from the most famous shopping boulevard in the area



B&B Alla Chiazzetta


A perfect position with beautiful view of the city.




On the trails

If you love the MTB and a peaceful place to rebuild your energy up for the next day, Belmonte Calabro is the right place. The old town is a jewel that it give a breathless to you.

Palazzo Cavour


It is an holiday home located in the heart of the old town of Belmonte. Here you can taste the last century typical atmosphere recreate for you