Other activities

Not only MTB. Many other activities to do

Riviera dei Borghi is not only MTB. Your 360° Calabria experience starts here. Do you need a beach club, or guided tours? Take a look below; all for your times without a bike.


Beach Clubs

The perfect beach to end your mountain biking day; located in Belmonte Calabro very close to the end of the trails, it offers all beach club services: sunbed, restaurant, cafè, lounge and kids area.
Sunbeds scattered across the beachfront property for prime sunbathing and socializing. Beds are perfect for some private lounging, and add to the charm and character of beach club. Outdoor showers are available if the sun gets too hot, and a quick stroll down the seafront pathway opens up to the refreshing waves of Mediterranean sea.
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Guided Tours

Calabria has one of the oldest records of human presence in Italy, which date back to around 700,000 BC. The ancient Greeks founded their colonies here; Pythagoras is just one of the extraordinary people who have lived here. Trough the years Calabria lived all the ages of the european history; ancient Rome, Byazantine empire, Normans, Spanish domination and it was governed by Napoleon Bonaparte brother-in-law Joachim Murat. Do you know all of this? If you want to do this and more ask for a guided tours to Core Calabro. Calabria explained with the heart.
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